Bracknell Bees

Bracknell Bees were formed in 1987 and play in the English Premier Ice Hockey League (EPIHL) at the John Nike Leisure Centre in Bracknell. The club have won 4 league titles including the Sekonda Superleague in 2000 and are currently coached by Doug Sheppard.

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Training sessions


 Hornets Training times:
Mon + Wed 11pm-12am

Wasps Training times:
Thursday 11pm-12am

Bracknell Ice Hockey Club

The BIHC is a Club run by elected representatives of the members/parents. The elected members appoint specialists including the Head Coach. The Head Coach, in consultation with the committee appoints the team coaches.

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Training sessions


17:30–18:25 U9s and Stick & Puck
18:25–19:20 U11s
19:20–20:15 U13s League 1
20:30–21:30 U15s League 1
21:45–22:45 U18s League 2


19:45–21:15 U13s League 2 and U15s League 2


19:10–20:10 Power Skating

Group 1: U9s and U11s
Group 2: U13s league 1 and league 2
Group 3: U15s league 1 and league 2


21:45–22:45 U18s league 1

Hockey Skills

Whatever level skater or hockey player you are (or even if you have never set a foot on ice before) we will help you learn the skills and techniques of skating that are specific to Ice Hockey.

This six week course runs every week continuously, all you need to do is sign up!

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