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NISA Levels

Bronze Level

  • Forwards and backwards crossovers in a figure of 8
  • Forward outside spiral on a curve (left and right)
  • Spin on one foot (min 4 revs) optional entry and exit
  • Waltz jump from 4-5 back crossovers (held landing for count of 3)
  • Bunny hop into a drag
  • Forward block (full length of the rink) in the shoulder hold using alternating left & right chasses
  • Forward Line (full length of the rink) in the shoulder hold using the alternating left & right chasses & swings
  • Forward circle (at least 2 revolutions in both directions) in hand hold, facing inward using continuous chasses
  • Forward pin wheel (at least 2 revolutions in both directions) in shoulder hold, using consecutive chasses. 2, 3 or 4 spokes may be performed depending on the number of the skaters.
  • Forward open chasses/crossed (closed) chasses continuously on a circle (min 3, left & right)
  • LFO closed mowhawk, cross in front onto a LBI. Step forwards to RFI (3 times, left & right)
  • Forward progressive runs
  • Two consecutive LFO 3 turns followed by a sustained outside edges with free leg extended for a count of 3 (left & right)
  • Forward spiral inside & outside edges (either foot)

Silver Level

  • Single Salchow
  • Spin on one foot (min 4 revs) entry from backward crossovers stepping into forward outside edge, landing position exit
  • Backward crossovers around a circle into an extended landing position for the count of 3 (left and right)
  • Teapot on either foot (forwards and backwards)
  • Block in shoulder hold. Push left, push right, left cross edge, right cross edge, LFO 3 turn, right back cross edge, left back cross edge
  • Line shoulder hold. Push left, push right, left cross edge, right cross edge, LFO 3 turn, right back cross edge, left back cross edge
  • Circle in elbow hold (tea pot hold), facing in and out performed in both directions. 2 consecutive of; forward chasse, forward cross, FO 3 turn, backward chasse, backward cross, step to forward inside edge to repeat.
  • Forward intersection using alternating forward chasses. At least 3 pass throughs. Drag position maybe introduced for variety
  • Forward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • Backward open chasses (3 on each foot) in serpentine sequence
  • Backward progressive runs in a figure of 8
  • A 7 step dance sequence as follows: RFI open mowhawk, RBO run, RBO cross in front, LBI, step forward RFI & repeat twice
  • Forward inside single twizzles (left & right, min 4 in a row)

Gold Level

  • Backward outside one foot spin (min 1 rev)
  • Single toe-loop (with correct take off-not a toe three jump)
  • Spiral sequence: Forward outside spiral (spirals held for 3 seconds) clockwise and counter-clockwise
  • A simple step sequence: must have three turns, mowhawks, chasses, crossrolls, toe steps these can be done on any edges, forwards or backwards
  • Combination of Skating movements, turns, jumps and spins in a short routine with or without music (max 1 min 30 seconds)
  • Forward line in shoulder hold turning to a back line into elbow hold. Steps may be a combination of chasses, progressive runs and back crossovers. Movement to be performed using the full length of the rink
  • Block introducing a change of axis. Commence in shoulder hold down long axis. Push left, push right, left cross edge, right cross edge, LFO 3 turn, right back cross edge, left back cross edge. Change to elbow hold, backward right chasse, right cross, right chasse, right cross, step to right forward inside edge to repeat.
  • Change of confirmation wheel, from 2 spokes to 4 spokes. A combination of forward chasses and crossovers and a 3 turn to backward chases and crossovers. At least one change of hold must be performed.
  • Forward intersection with a one revolution turn at the point of intersection (e.g. an inside twizzles or Austrian 3 turn). At least 3 pass throughs to be performed.
  • Forward run, forward slip chasses (3 times) in a figure of 8
  • Basic backward cross rolls
  • Solo novice foxtrot with music
  • Forward inside double twizzle (left & right)
  • A 9 step dance sequence

Bracknell Ice Skating Club

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Bracknell Ice Skating Club was formed in 1988 and is one of the biggest in Britain with around 300 members.

It organises club competitions approximately once a month and an annual five-day Free skating and Ice Dance Open which includes an Adult Open for those over 21.

Visit the Bracknell Ice Skating Club website.

Ice Ability is a group run between JNL and Bracknell Ice Skating club, enabling children with additional needs to learn how to ice skate within a safe environment.

Under close supervision, all the children involved are able to progress and learn at their own pace, with their own goals in mind.

The session is a fun and enjoyable experience, with lots of games, challenges and one to one attention, allowing everyone to feel comfortable and included.

Session is on Thursdays 18:00-19:00 for children aged 5-18. Cost £6 /skater. (Annual membership of the skating club required £15/year).

Please contact Lisa Slyfield for more information.

Established in 1879, NISA is a membership association, and operates as a company limited
by guarantee.

NISA is recognised by the International Skating Union (ISU), the British
Olympic Association (BOA), UK Sport and the Home Nation Sports Councils as the National
Governing Body (NGB) for the sport of ice skating in the United Kingdom.

Visit NISA website.

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