Gender Pay Gap Reporting 2018


John Nike Leisure Sport Ltd employed 335 members of staff on the snapshot date (5th April 2018) therefore the relevant Gender Pay Gap Reporting calculations have been made and are supported here by this narrative. As outlined in the legislation the Gender Pay Gap Reporting data and narrative are published on the government website and also our own website.

John Nike Leisure Sport Ltd consists of 5 sites, 4 of which are ski slopes and the fifth has both a ski slope and an ice rink. When recruiting and promoting staff we believe we pay staff according to the job they are doing and not according to any personal characteristic, including gender. We see Gender Pay Gap Reporting as a really useful exercise to enable us to check our fair pay culture has not changed.


Gender Pay Gap

On the 5th April 2018, of the 335 members of staff employed by John Nike Leisure Sport Ltd 194 were men and 141 women. Regulations stipulate that if a company employs 250 members of staff or more the following statistics should be calculated:

Mean Gender Pay Gap (Difference between mean average hours earnings of males and females.)

Median Gender Pay Gap (Difference between median average hourly earnings of males and females.)

Mean Gender Bonus Pay Gap (Difference between mean average bonus earnings of males and females.)

Median Gender Bonus Pay Gap (Difference between median average bonus earnings of males and females.)

The Proportion of Males and Females Receiving a Bonus

The Proportion of Males and Females in Each Quartile


As at the 5th April 2018, our mean gender pay gap (including all staff i.e. full and part time) stood at 3.2% (favouring males) with our median gender pay gap being 0%. In 2017 these figures were 3.2% and 2.5% respectively. Even though our results were excellent last year we have successfully removed the gender pay gap in 2018 (based on the median average which is the calculation favoured by the Office For National Statistics.)

At the snap shot date in 2017 we employed 133 women and 208 men, the figures for 2018 (141 and 194 respectively) show that although we still employ more men than women the number of women employed has increased and the number of men has decreased. As with 2017 the sample size of both genders in 2018 are large enough to ensure that the results of our calculations are significant. Therefore we can be confident that on the snap shot date of 5th April 2018 there was no Gender Pay Gap within John Nike Leisure Sport Ltd.

For comparison to the national figures, The Office For National Statistics reported that in 2017 the Gender Pay Gap for all staff (full and part-time) stood at 18.4%. The most recent figures published on 25th October 2018 show that in 2018 this figure has dropped slightly to 17.9%.

In 2017 we reported our figures regarding our bonus scheme but we also stated that as of 1st May 2017 the bonus scheme (which only covered 5 members of staff) had been discontinued. As a result of this there are of course no figures relating to bonus payments to be reported for 2018.

Our figures for gender distribution by quartiles (as defined by the regulations) show that, as in the previous year, females are underrepresented in the middle two quartiles and this reflects the greater number of men in the company. The upper and lower bands show that the distribution of males and females are very similar.


Lower Quartile:               Male 48%     Female 52%

Lower Middle Quartile:   Male 65%     Female 35%

Upper Middle Quartile:    Male 63%     Female 37%

Upper Quartile:                Male 55%     Female 45%



Our results for 2018 have not changed significantly from 2017. We were already happy with our very small gender pay gap of 2.5% favouring men but clearly to have removed a pay gap altogether is very pleasing. This result reaffirms our belief that our staff are paid according to their job and not their gender.


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