Dance brought golden medal

Intermediate Novice Dance couple Katarina and Alexander Fairbridge were gold winners of the IJS Sheffield 2018 in the first intermediate novice dance couple category competition which was held on 2nd and 3rd of August 2018.

For the first time they won all three dances with an overall score of 46.71. They came first in both pattern dances (Rocker Foxtrot and American Waltz), where they achieved a combined total segment score of 23.25.

For the free dance they got 22.91 points with the highest program Component Score of 9.17.

IJS Sheffield 2018 was also the first competition to host an Intermediate Novice Dance couple category in GB. Alex and Katya are currently ranking 1st in their category in GB. This lovely couple is coached by Lucine Chakmakjian and David Phillips.

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