Tots Ski Lessons

Our group lesson timetable for Tots aged 4-7, enables your child to progress through our structured skill level system with other participants of the same ability. There is a maximum of 6 pupils in a lesson.

Each paid level is a 45 minute lesson.

Pre-book in required.

Call us on 01344 789002 to book your reservation

Choose your level
Level 1 – Introduction to Skiing
Location: Training Slope

Equipment: Be able to fasten and walk in ski boots.

Walk with Skis: Can attach and walk around with skis on and off.

Side Step: Able to side-step up the hill.
Run: Able to straight run down the hill.
Level 2 – Learning to Snowplough
Location: Training Slope

V-Shape: Able to hold a ‘V’ Shape.

Slow Slide: Able to slide slowly in a ‘V’ Shape.

Slowing Down: Able to slide down the hill with straight skis followed by using a ‘V’ to slow down.
Stop: Can use a ‘V’ shape to stop halfway down the slope.
Level 3 – Learning to Turn
Location: Training Slope & Main Slope Exit One

Turning: Able to turn left and right.

Turning in Motion: Able to turn, straight run and turn once more.

Linking Turns: Able to link two turns together.

4 Turns: Able to turn around 4 markers.
Level 4 – Linking Turns
Location: Exit One to Three

4 Turns: Able to turn around 4 offset markers.

8 Turns: Able to turn around 8 offset markers.

Following: Can follow an instructor (controlled turns).

Using the lift: Able to use the lift without help.

Tots Private Ski Lessons

Tots Private Ski lessons (4-7 years)  are available at any time – subject to instructor availability. All private lessons are for 30 or 45 minutes and must be booked in advance.

Call us on 01344 789002 to book your reservation